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Isolatation/quarantine calculator
Posted 8/11/21

Use this online calculator from the Department of Public Health to determine how long you should isolate or quarantine. 


  • Confirmed-positive cases of COVID-19 must isolate.
  • Close contacts with a confirmed-positive case outside of school must quarantine, unless they are fully vaccinated.
  • Close contacts to a confirmed-positive case inside the school environment are not required to quarantine whether they are vaccinated or not. It is optional. Bulloch County Schools has exercised the opportunity provided by the Department of Public Health guidelines to allow students who have been exposed to a confirmed COVID case at school to remain at school and not quarantine as long as they remain asymptomatic. If your child was a close contact at school, we strongly encourage and emphasize for them to wear a mask while at school for at least two weeks after their exposure date. While this is not a mandate, it is encouragement for everyone to be considerate of others. 
  • Distance learning is provided for students during their isolation or quarantine period. The parent or child may contact the child's teacher(s) via email to obtain information about assignments.