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Denise Borck

Media Specialist Collaborative

Media Specialist Collaboration – FDRESA – Hinesville – March 23rd

Why Should You Use Google Classroom? 

Google Classroom is great for teachers, but it’s also a good tool for media specialists. This session will cover the basics for using Google Classroom as well as showing how it can be a useful tool for library media specialists.

60 Smarter Ways to Use Google Classroom

Google Classroom Infographic

Ideas for Media Specialists:

  1. Share information with professional learning community.
  2. Create a list of research sources. Differentiate the list by group, reading level, class, and more.
  3. Post announcements for students and faculty.
  4. Encourage and model digital citizenship via peer-to-peer interaction that is documented.
  5. Provide professional training for staff.
  6. Streamline cross-curricular or cross-grade projects with teachers. Classes can have multiple teachers.
  7. Publish commonly-accessed websites to make sure everyone has same access, same documents, same links, and same information.
  8. Create discussion boards without cluttering the stream.
  9. Promote school-to-school interactions across the district.
  10. Create a listing of instructional programs with links to access. Classroom is a great place to provide school-specific passwords in a private setting.
  11. Provide staff with technology support(knowledge base) for district specific software.
  12. Create class for Yearbook Club or Book Club. Classroom provides a forum for communication.
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2011 Averitt Center for the Arts Show

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